Best Snowmobile Trails near Cooke City, MT

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Looking for Cooke City's Best Snowmobile Trails?

Cooke City is a snowmobiler's paradise. The town is surrounded by Gallatin National Forest, the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, and Yellowstone National Park. It sits at an elevation of 7,600 feet and gets close to 200 inches of snow a year. Some years, the snowmobile season can last from November into early July. And the Cooke City area has over 60 miles of groomed snowmobile trails and easy access to backcountry areas.

Of course, all trails aren't created equal. In this article, we list a few of the best snowmobile trails in the Cooke City area. If you have any questions about snowmobiling in our area, give us a call. We know the area well, and we're glad to share our experience with you.

Daisy Pass Trail

  • Location: About 0.25 miles east of Cooke City

Daisy Pass Trail is the shortest, and easiest, way to get to the surrounding high country from Cooke City. The trail starts about a quarter mile east of Cooke City, and runs to the Daisy Pass saddle. The trail is flat and smooth, suitable for a variety of skill levels.

Once you get to Daisy Pass (elevation 9,770 feet) you'll have access to wide-open backcountry, great boondocking, and numerous drainages. Beginners and experts alike will enjoy this area. The area west of Daisy Pass has plenty of powder and opportunities for hillclimbing and tree riding.

Note that the Daisy Pass area is known for frequent avalanches, so check current conditions before heading out.
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Lulu Pass Trail

  • Location: 1.75 miles east of Cooke City

Lulu Pass Trail starts about 1.75 miles east of Cooke City, just off U. S. Highway 212. The groomed trail runs along Fisher Creek drainage and ends at the base of Lulu Pass (9,872 feet), one of Montana's highest mountain passes. Along Fisher Creek drainage, you'll find great boondocking on either side of the groomed trail.

The groomed trail ends at the base of Lulu Pass; however, plenty of snowmobilers continue along the trail, and, as the season progresses, they create a well-defined path over the pass. In this area, you'll be overlooking all of the Cooke City riding complex, with areas of open powder, tree riding, and rolling hills.

Like Daisy Pass Trail, Lulu Pass Trail is appropriate for a wide range of skill levels, offering everything from easy riding to difficult hillside tree riding. Note that Lulu Pass Trail intersects with a number of other popular trails in the area, including Round Lake Trail and Henderson Mountain Trail.

Round Lake Trail

  • Location: Northeast of Cooke City

Round Lake Trail is a groomed two-mile loop that starts just off Lulu Pass Trail near Cooke City and loops north to Round Lake. The trail runs by the Round Lake Cabin warming hut. Round Lake Trail is maintained by The Yellowstone Snowmobile Club and Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. The trail is also used by cross-country skiers. Round Lake is a beautiful 31-acre lake at an elevation of around 9, 394 feet. 
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Top of the World

  • Location: Approx. 30 miles east of Cooke City

About 30 miles east of Cooke City, along Beartooth Highway (U. S. Highway 212), you'll find the Top of the World, where you access the Beartooth Mountain Range. This area is considered by many to provide the best snowmobiling conditions in our part of the country. You'll have access to fantastic scenery, wide-open meadows, and plenty of excellent hill climbing.

The route to Top of the World runs from Cooke City, through Pilot Creek, Wyoming, to Beartooth Pass and beyond. Note that Top of the World can be extremely windy, so there may be areas that have very little snow cover. This is especially true around ridge tops, which don't have trees to screen them from the wind's effects.

Keep in mind that, to snowmobile on Wyoming trails, you'll have to have a permit and decal. You can get more information at the WYO Parks site ( A detailed discussion regarding Top of the World access can be found at Snowest Forum. 
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Henderson Mountain Trail

  • Location: Off Lulu Pass Trail, northeast of Cooke City

Henderson Mountain Trail is a short (0.75 mile) groomed snowmobile trail northeast of Cooke City. Henderson Mountain Trail starts just off Lulu Pass Trail and ends at the base of Henderson Mountain. The trail can easily be combined with other trails in the area, including Daisy Pass Trail.

Miller Trail

  • Location: Right outside your door

Just step out the door of your Elk Horn Lodge cabin or room, and hop on your sled. The trail Begins right behind the Elk Horn Lodge. Once on the trail, you will be able to overlook the entire town of Cooke City. The Trail climbs to 9000 feet. It's two miles of marked and groomed trails that ties into the Daisy Pass Trail. This is a quick way to get out to your riding area and have easy access for your return to the Elk Horn Lodge
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A Note About Cooke City Riding Area

Just west of Beartooth Pass (elevation 10,947 feet) is some of the best backcountry riding Montana has to offer. You literally ride from the Elk Horn Lodge doorstep and you quickly rise from Cooke City's elevation at 7,600 feet to more than 10,000 feet in no time at all. While the trail map only shows 60 miles of groomed trails, we challenge you to cover it all over the course of three or four days.

Trails are groomed often and kept in great shape throughout the season and while you don't necessarily need to spend much time on them to get to the deep backcountry, they are nice for a relaxing cruise back to the cabin after a long day on the hill. The trails are well marked and, with a map you can pick up just about anywhere in town, just about anyone could find his way around the area.