Summer Activities near Cooke City, Montana

Summers in South Central Montana are filled with a variety of outdoor activities. Enjoy fishing and boating in crystal clear lakes and streams, hiking and backpacking along scenic mountain trails, and viewing and photographing majestic landscapes and amazing wildlife. These are just a few of the activities you can enjoy when you visit our part of Montana. For more information, give us a call. We'd love to hear from you!


Around Cooke City, you have numerous opportunities for fly fishing and lake fishing. Lamar River, Slough Creek, Soda Butte, and Clark's Fork are all excellent locations to fly fish for cutthroat trout, especially from late June through September. Many alpine lakes are also great locations for catching cutthroat trout, as well as brook trout. And, of course, you can always take the short drive to Yellowstone Lake, and fish for cutthroat trout and lake trout by boat or from the shoreline.


The areas surrounding Cooke City and Silver Gate have numerous pristine hiking trails that will appeal to a wide range of skill levels. You can enjoy everything from short easy-going strolls through nearby forests to lengthy excursions into Yellowstone National Park and the Beartooth Mountains backcountry. Before hiking, we suggest you purchase a map and know how to use it. Also, keep in mind that you're in bear country and prepare accordingly.

Horseback Riding

There are two outfitters near Cooke City that offer guided horseback riding excursions ranging from day rides to drop camps. Meander the pines and traverse varying terrain inside of Yellowstone National Park, Gallatin National Forest, or the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness. Surround yourself with breathtaking scenery and keep your eye out for wildlife!

ATV/UTV Riding

Locations in the Cooke City Area to Ride:
Daisy and Lulu Pass
Old Mining Road located just outside Cooke City off Hwy 212. One of the highest roads of Montana! Nestled in the Beartooth range, the road to the summit is totally unpaved.  

Miller Mountain Trail
Located just behind the Elk Horn this trail ties into the daisy pass trail. This trail is a great one to get awesome pictures of town from up high.  

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